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Feeder Plants

for Mediterranean Tortoises


Guided by Nature

Feeder Plants for Mediterranean Tortoises

Size A5, high-quality plastic-coated softcover,

224 pages, 320 colour photographs, 150 colour drawings

ISBN: 978-3-9817560-4-3

29,90 €

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„Feeder Plants for Mediterranean Tortoises “ is a compendium that illustrates the wealth of feeder plants suitable for feeding tortoises in human care. Covering more than 360 wild plants, this is the most comprehensive treatise on the proper feeding of captive tortoises yet, providing options for every situation. More than 160 wild plants are discussed in detail and figured in a manner that will make it easy to identify them. It is nature and the animals that live in the wild that will provide the most useful cues for how to properly feed tortoises in captivity. The book therefore focuses mainly on plants that occur both in the natural Mediterranean habitats and at our latitudes and will therefore be preferably consumed by the tortoises. “Feeder Plants for Mediterranean Tortoises” is meant to assist the responsible keeper with selecting suitable wild plants and, as a consequence, keeping his tortoises in perfect health.

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