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Albania, journey of discovery through an unknown country

Albania, Discovering an unknown country

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Format 21.5 x 29 cm, soft cover with free back
224 pages, over 650 color images

ISBN: 978-3-9817560-0-5

€ 39.90  (plus postage)

Bilingual edition in German and English.

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Accompany me on our voyages of discovery through a country that, in the years of our economic boom, was isolated from the environment and dependent on self-sufficiency. Albania is rightly called Europe's last secret.

What draws me to Albania again and again after many years are the many undeveloped landscapes with untouched nature and a very species-rich flora and fauna, which are becoming increasingly rare in the Mediterranean region.

Albania can look back on a long history, mainly characterized by foreign rule, and a brutally led dictatorship for more than 40 years. Even 25 years after the overthrow, the long and arduous road to the development of a democratic society, a competitive economy and integration into European structures for a social market economy is not over yet. The administration and politics still lack morality and integrity.

The illustrated travel book shows the attractive aspects of the still largely unknown country, but does not ignore criticism and the bizarre.

Albania is a country of contrasts. Cities with modern centers and apparently wealthy people, new factories and modern farms are juxtaposed with simple villages with self-sufficient communities that still farm by hand with working animals.

Albania is also unique in its scenic diversity. It is home to vast undeveloped landscapes with untouched nature and a very diverse flora and fauna, with alpine mountains. Secluded valleys, mountain ranges, beautiful mountain landscapes, wild river valleys, deeply cut canyons, extensive forests, coastal lowlands, dunes, wide fine sand beaches, plains, lagoons, wetlands, rocky, rugged coastlines, small bathing bays, coarse sandy beaches and thermal springs as well such as romantic villages, interesting castles, fortresses, forts, historical sites and buildings from the Ottoman period.

The illustrated travel book is not only intended to provide suggestions for traveling to this unique country, but also to help foreigners to better understand the unprejudiced, extremely hospitable Albanians.

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