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Raising young animals

The predominant focus of my homepage will be the great outdoors and the turtles still living there in the future. I have described the rearing of young animals in detail in compact instructions for the price of only 9.90 € in my book Naturnahe Aufzucht. You can conveniently order the book right here:

Naturnahe Aufzucht

The habitats and way of life of young European tortoises in the Mediterranean are very different from those of older tortoises. This guide provides the necessary basic knowledge in a compact, clear and easily understandable way and explains step by step the natural accommodation, care and nutrition with the necessary elements.
The core content is equally applicable to the steppe or four-toed tortoise.
From the content:

- Example of nature - habitat - microclimate - way of life - light - heat - UV radiation - species protection - registration - documentation - outdoor installation - cold frame - greenhouse - building instructions - cost statement - nutrition - growth - fluid requirement - calcium supply - overwintering - vet -

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