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The book 
about the great outdoors of the turtle island Sardinia


Sardinia, the island of the European turtles

Format DIN A5, high-quality cellophane envelope, thread stitching,

192 pages, 345 color images, 5 diagrams,

ISBN: 9-9809774-1-2

€ 29.90  (plus postage)

Sardinia is a unique nature reserve and, in the true sense of the word, the "island of European turtles".

Sardinia is the island of the European tortoises due to the occurrence of the Greek tortoise, the wide-brimmed tortoise, the Moorish tortoise and the European pond turtle.  Sardinia has the most diverse habitats with different climatic zones. Desert-like dune landscapes with summer air temperatures well over 45 ° C. Deep layers close to the sea, sea-close slopes, valleys and plains up to river and stream valleys inland. But also altitudes of up to 800 meters with summer air temperatures of up to 30 ° C. All turtle biotopes in the entire Mediterranean area are represented. An ideal habitat for the turtle species found on the island.

From the content:

Foreword, introduction, the island, macchia, garrigue, animal world, climate, distribution area, way of life of the turtles, overwintering of the turtles in Sardinia, the Greek tortoise,  The wide-brimmed tortoise, biotope observation, Moorish tortoise, humidity and salinity, the Sardinian pond tortoise, endangerment, enemy No. 1 in Sardinia, endangerment from fires, epilogue.

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