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Dear turtle friends,

my books are basically only available from AMAZON and specialist bookshops.

For all questions about the books and their distribution, I am, and during my trips to the habitats, my son Manuel via e-mail  to disposal. 

Resellers will continue to be supplied directly by the publisher. Please email all orders to:

For more information on the book, just click on the title. Here you will also find a direct link to order the books. I am participating in the Amazon partner program. By clicking the order button you will be redirected to the book offer on Amazon. After qualified sales, I receive a small fee, which of course does not affect the purchase price.

Mediterranean Tortoises
Feeder Plants
Albanien, Entdeckungsreise durch ein unbekanntes Land
Natürliche Haltung und Zucht der Griechischen Landschildkröte
Europäische LandschildkrötenNaturnahe Aufzucht
Naturalistic keeping and breeding of Hermann´s Tortoises
Sardinien, die Insel der europäischen Schildkröten
Europäische Schildkröten
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