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The compact guide

for housing, care and nutrition of young animals

Naturnahe Aufzucht

Nature as a model

European tortoises , rearing close to nature

Format DIN A5, paperback

72 pages, 117 color images,

ISBN: 978-3-9809774-6-3

€ 9.90  (plus postage)

Ideal for breeders and veterinarians as an aid in educating new turtle owners.

A compact guide to housing, care, nutrition and wintering of young European tortoises, which also deals with the special features of keeping young steppe and four-toed tortoises.

Also ideal for breeders and veterinarians as an aid in educating new turtle owners.

My new guide is primarily written for newbies in our hobby and covers in compact form all relevant aspects for the rearing and keeping of young European tortoises. But even experienced turtle keepers can gain new insights into the life of young European tortoises and incorporate them into their keeping.

In fact, the habitats and way of life of the juveniles differ significantly from those of adult tortoises. This must also be taken into account when keeping them. For example, the often cited "special microclimate" is vital for young animals. How this microclimate looks like, how it can be easily created in a turtle facility and how it can be kept throughout the day is described in detail here as part of a step-by-step construction manual, including a list of costs. Even existing cold frame systems can be converted relatively easily so that the light and warm areas required for young animals can also be created there.

My new guide is designed so that it can also be used by veterinarians and breeders as an aid in educational work. When veterinarians and breeders give new turtle owners this guide, a lot has been done to ensure that their young animals can lead a healthy, relatively undisturbed wildlife. As few compromises as possible should be made, especially when it comes to keeping and rearing young turtles.

From the content:

Introduction, species and subspecies, model nature special with habitat, microclimate, way of life, light, heat and UV radiation, species protection, registration, photo documentation, outdoor installation, cold frame, greenhouse, construction of an outdoor installation, step by step instructions, cost breakdown, nutrition, growth , Steam breeding, hay, fluid requirements, calcium supply, cold rigor, end of winter rigor, veterinarian, parasite infestation and the most important things in a nutshell.

Special price for all vets, clubs, breeders and resellers 6 books for the price of 5.

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